Study for Fever

There is something about a bleak environment that encourages the growth of the imagination. It was while attending the public schools of Donetsk that his teachers noticed Andrei’s talent for art. Under the competitive system in the 1950’s and the Soviet desire to outshine the West in all disciplines, Andrei was quickly transferred to the Donetsk Art School.

Moving to the United States in 1994, Andrei found inspiration in his new experiences as an emigre. Exposure to the exciting and often strange culture infused his artwork with a liveliness characterized by bright colors and a dance of images part real and part fantasy.

Food, drink, men, women are all transmuted into symbols in Andrei’s work. Through it all, we are reminded symbolically of the animal depths from which we cast our nets of charm and civilization. Andrei’s vision is one that can be viewed on many planes; men and women dance, dine and desire each other with studied abandon. Andrei’s work is sometimes comic, sometimes petulant often sardonic, but it is always sensual.

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