Warm Embrace

Irene was born in the Ukraine in 1968.  At the age of 9, with thousands of paintings behind her, Irene began art classes at the Belgorod Art School for the Gifted and at 15 she graduated both junior high and art school as valedictorian.  Instead of continuing on to high school, Irene entered Grecov College of Art where, during her first year she won the designation of “Young Artist of the Year”.  At 17 Irene was accepted into the Serov School of Fine Art in St. Petersburg, Russia.  All paintings and sketches that she made during those 3 years are now used by the faculty as samples of brilliant academic achievement.  In 1988, Irene attended a summer practice along with a group of other students at the Museum of Wooden Architecture in Suzdal, Russia.  The last day of the workshop the students were allowed to show their works.  Within 2 hours all 12 of Irene’s works were sold.  Her angry and envious classmates, who had not sold a single piece, told her that unless she produced 12 paintings in 2 days which needed to be turned in for a project, she would be expelled.  2 days later she submitted 12 new paintings and was the only student to receive an “A” for her work.

From vibrant landscapes to sensual figures, award winning artist Irene Sheri instills every canvas with passion and endless energy.

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