Tuscan Sun

Mastering watercolor, an unforgiving medium, requires discipline and involves a certain amount of frustration.  “I love the medium because it suits my temperment.  The spontaneity, the flexibility and the transparency appeal to me while I push the depth of values,” says Marilyn.

“The paintings we look at affect us in many ways.  Some are calm, peaceful and soothing; others are energetic and joyful.  They convey these impressions because they combine harmony and diversity to different degrees.  Harmony unifies, diversity excites.  In a way harmony and diversity are opposite sides of the same coin.  Both should be present in every painting, and the degree to which each dominates and plays against the other helps determine the mood of the painting.”

“In my paintings, I try to convey my own personal philosophy of art.  I love to explore the complex interplay of light and its effects on architecture and the surroundings.”

Memberships and Distinctions:

  • American Watercolor Society – Signature Member
  • California Art Club
  • Oil Painters of America – Master Signature Member
  • Plein Air Painters of America

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